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Over the last decade, journalism and mass communication have changed dramatically. From the way it is reported, read or watched, I can bet that the way you consume and interact with news has changed from the year 2000. Time and technology has shaped the way people live their lives and neither stopped to keep journalism from changing.

For example, ten years ago nobody could use their smartphone to check the CNN application that let’s users read news from all over the world. People would have to wait until the news was broadcast and watch the entire show until they had heard what they wanted or until it was over. Technology has changed this and made news easy to obtain, easy to pick and choose and maybe most importantly, less time consuming. Journalism seems to continue to become more¬†web-based.

In addition to how people consume the information, the way the information is presented has changed. Anyone can be a “journalist” because of the web. Anyone can open a blog and write about any subject. The piece could be a real news story, an opinion story, or even just something like a journal. With an unlimited audience on the internet, the possibilities of readers are so stretched out.

Mass communication has evolved over time, along with journalism. Like I stated before, time and technology are the big factors that push change for everything. Mass communication is becoming more of the “mass” part of the term. Journalism is becoming more open to anyone. Each are things that 10 years ago, nobody might have expected, let alone when they first began. 10 years from now, how different will mass communication and journalism be?

Changing Times in Mass Comm and Journalism

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