Businesses and Social Media


Many businesses are converting from regular advertising to social media advertising. Social media marketing is a recent component of organizations’ integrated marketing communications plans. Integrated marketing communications is a principle organizations follow to connect with their targeted markets. 

Social media marketing is becoming more popular for different reasons. The most obvious is that it is more affordable. Lots of social media sites allow pages to be created for free. These pages can include, but are not limited to, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Pinterest accounts and blogs. 


Another reason that social media is becoming more popular among businesses is that social media has a HUGE audience. As time goes on and technology changes and progresses, it is important to keep up with the mediums in which consumers are gathering their information. 

Social media allows businesses to have their own voice and interact with customers and consumers. This is becoming more and more popular in today’s society. It allows businesses to educate people instead of only trying to sell. 

Finally, I think that social media is important in businesses more so now than ever because it makes it easier to keep an eye on competitors. Let’s be honest, isn’t that important when you are trying to make money? 


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There is hope

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The Trouble with Small Towns

Just a few of my thoughts on my small town..

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I have just listened to the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast from NPR. Basically it was a podcast about television shows and people’s opinions about them.

I was not very interested in the podcast. I don’t really like just listening to people talk. It’s hard for me to focus and keep paying attention. While the podcast had good moments, it was mostly just kind of boring and not really entertaining.

That being said, I think that podcasts could either be really spectacular or really lame. I can’t picture anything between the two extremes. 

It was obvious that a full script was not written out. I think it sounded like the anchors had a list of points or topics to cover and the rest was just made up as they went along, not that there is anything wrong with that. I just didn’t really enjoy what they were talking about. It wasn’t exciting or enough to keep holding my attention. Very monotone. 

I think that if the podcast were to have even just other simple sound effects, it might have more interesting points, well at least it would make it seem more interesting. 

In addition, I think podcasts would be more effective (for me) if they are either humorous or are of the “How-to” type.

Perhaps I should have looked for a better podcast, or perhaps I am just not interested in podcasts in general. 

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Ship on Pinterest?

After reading this article, I have to admit that I spent a little more time looking at Pinterest than I normally do. I never thought about searching for schools and universities on the app on my phone.

I think Shippensburg should look into using Pinterest for a variety of beneficial reasons. Pinterest is gaining new users frequently and that’s an audience worth having. Now, I’m going to walk through what my mind is envisioning. Each academic department could have their own page, or use specific tags that would group photos from each separately. This will allow pinners to find exactly what they are searching for at Ship with ease. Each department could post photos and descriptions showing the work they are doing.

It would be simplest if every department had a person designated to work on the boards. Departments could have an intern work on them.

As for doing board(s) for the university as a whole, a person could be hired to tend to them or again an intern could take care of them and also just oversee the rest.

Having Shippensburg University on Pinterest has the potential to bring in more students. There are many people using Pinterest, so there is a great potential of more people becoming aware of what goes on at Ship. Keeping at the pace of technology and such, using different ways to seek audiences is important. It’s a good idea to be sure to touch every base, although it basically does the same thing as other social interest/media sites. It’s just in best interest to do all that can be done. Pinterest also has the potential to basically be free advertising, if interns were unpaid and doing internship for credit. This should be very appealing to Ship since we all know how Ship loves money! 😉

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Six degrees of aggregation

Wow! What a long article. To be honest, I got about one third of the way through before I started to lose interest and focus on the piece. I really had to force myself to read it. 

I just want to make a few comments about different parts of the article.

First, AOL needed something to save it. Who has even heard of AOL in the last 5 years without the words, “Remember when” in front of it?  Purchasing the Huffington Post was clutch. 

Next, I’d like to say that I am shocked at the amount of money that was spent to make the website what it is. Almost unbelievable. I would have never thought it would cost millions to make a blogging website. 

In the article it says that when the site was first launched, it wasn’t looking too good. Why would you launch something new that wasn’t visually appealing? I just don’t understand that reasoning.

Overall, the idea behind The Huffington Post is almost genius in my mind. It’s a place to go and grab any type of information. Something to browse on and still learn things that people can relate to. I think that’s something that’s very important. If people can’t relate to something, they will probably think “Why bother?”

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Movies, Music and.. Men?

I would like to start off by telling a short story.

A few nights ago, I went to see a movie with a friend. We watched “The Lucky One,” Image which was a great love story (although the book was so much better). After the movie, we went to dinner. Two males were sitting beside us. I call them males because they were too old to be boys but they surely were not men. Men don’t eat with their hates on and stand up with their pants half way off their… Anyway, while we were eating, the males got up to leave and one hit me in the head with the arm of his jacket. All he said to me was, “My bad.” The other one said, “Go ahead and hit him for it.”


I sat there at a loss for words and that is something that almost never happens to me. I don’t know if I was more mad because he didn’t apologize, annoyed at the situation or sad because this is what the male population is coming to. I had just watched a great movie showing how a man could be so wonderful, and then I guess I was taken back to reality with this encounter.

That being said, what has happened to the male population as a whole? Sure there are still good men out there, but it always seems as if the weeds take over the garden.

From personal observation, I’ve noticed that males typically want to do what other males are doing; they are influenced by other males. Music is, in my opinion, one of the biggest factors in the decline of chivalry or lack of male etiquette. Guys that are around my age will listen to music that degrades and shows lack of respect for women. I mean it’s fine if that’s what you want to listen to, but the more you listen to something, the more it becomes embedded in your mind. Thoughts like, “Hey, if my favorite rapper is saying it’s okay or it’s cool to treat chicks like they’re nothing, it’s probably okay or cool for me to do it, too.” Um, no. It’s not okay or cool for ANYONE regardless if you make $250 million a year selling records or make $25 a year begging for spare change.

In addition to the music showing a lack of respect for women, the music also provides listeners’ ears with plenty of violence. “Go ahead and hit him for it.” Real classy, right? All kinds of rap or hip hop songs now are using violence-filled lyrics. Lines ranging from “popping a cap in yo ass” or “Im’a shoot ya up” blast out of stereos, headphones, etc. What is going on?

It sure seems as if times have changed since the days of ladies having doors opened for them or receiving kind and thoughtful compliments given to them from a gentleman. I am sure that music is not the only influence on male’s behavior, but at least for my age group, I am positive that it is a large contributing factor. Maybe these men should be going to catch some of the “chick flicks” they normally pass up to brush up on the way most females can only dream of them to be. 

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