Young Adults and New Media

30 May


Most young adults, especially those in the professional world, have been bit by the technology bug. New forms of media are popping up more often than in the past. The majority of those young people, even on a college campus, possess technologies like smart phones, tablets or laptops. These portable devices make obtaining information or even just curing boredom easier than ever.

People believe that the Generation Y age group will see benefits from using new media. In a survey, it was found that 55% of those surveyed think that by the year 2020, people in the Generation Y age group will have differently “wired” brains than those that are older. They also believe that these people will be able to quickly find information. It is said that these people are also learning more because of the many different mediums that information is able to be obtained through. This is an interesting point because being a young adult myself, I feel that because there are so many different ways to even catch up on the news makes it easier to know what is going on in the world. I am able to learn things on my own time. Having an iPhone at my fingertips opens a window with endless opportunities to find whatever it is I am looking for.


Interestingly enough, out of young adults ages 18-29, 96% are Internet users, 84% use social networks and 97% have cell phones. More than half of those users have smartphones and 23% own tablets such as the iPad. This information really shows how much this generation is beginning to rely on new innovations to really just stay connected to the world.

The use of these devices is believe by some to have a positive impact. Some people believe that the ability to use these devices effectively will benefit their professional life. The devices help people become professional on the go. Multitasking becomes more simple. The ability to get work done anywhere has become possible with things like smartphones, laptops or tablets.

In contrast, others believe that all of this technology will have a negative impact on Generation Y. Some folks believe that the devices basically will turn your brain to mush. These people think that the use of smartphones or tablets will in turn cause Generation Y to have a small attention span and have horrible handwriting. (Just a personal side note.. Why does it matter what someone’s handwriting looks like? People my age really don’t hand write anything anymore. Everything is typed! But anyway…) In addition, some people believe that Generation Y will become fully independent on using these technologies for everything. Another concern is that the new media will cause a lack of deep thinking and ‘a thirst for only instant gratification.’ (Another side note, I think that most people would probably prefer instant gratification, but maybe that’s just me…)

Yes, these are all legitimate concerns. I just think that young adults handle these new technologies differently because we are used to them. They didn’t come out when we were 20 years old. NEW is all we’ve ever known. I think that all in all, the positives and benefits of new media outweigh the cons. It’s just up to each person, on their own, to use them in a way that will not be detrimental. It’s a lifestyle Generation Y is used to, we are just waiting for everyone else to catch up.




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