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29 May


As technology advances, the list of positive and negative aspects of the internet is growing. The internet can be a helpful tool for many, as well as being detrimental. The internet has brought new and useful concepts to America. In addition, the internet has also seemed to make America take a few steps backwards. The positives and negatives have both made their imprint on the society of the United States.


In America, the internet has grown to be almost a third “home” outside of the office and an actual home. The graph below shows the average time spent online per U.S. visitor. The graph is grouped by ages. 


Surprised? Probably not. 

Maybe Americans spend so much time on the internet because of the plethora of information it yields. The internet can be used for just about anything anymore. Need a quick reference? Google will hook you up. Need a quick photo of something? Google. Come to think of it, Google can pretty much do anything for you. Aside from using strictly Google for everything (I mean come on though, who doesn’t?) there are many other sites that allow users to get information QUICKLY. That’s probably the biggest benefit of the internet. Everything is quick. Everything is at your fingertips. Where did people first hear about the killing of Osama Bin Laden? The internet. TWITTER.  The internet has made getting information so simple and quick that I can’t imagine any type of technical digressing. Being in college, I know that the internet is where I get the majority of my news. The photo below shows just that.


The internet has made everyday tasks more simple. With things like online shopping or online banking, just about everything can be done from using your internet in your house or on your phone. Internet has made “on the go” really “on the go.” 

Besides all of the great things the internet gives the U.S. citizens the opportunity for, the internet also has a few drawbacks. First, I think the internet has really made interpersonal communication decrease. Less and less people are doing simple things like making phone calls or visiting to catch up because it can be done over the internet. This could be of concern in future generations because knowing how to communicate in the flesh is more important than communication electronically. Also, the internet is addicting! I am sure lots of people hop on their computers with the intention to only check a few things out and end up spending at least double the time they meant to online. The internet sucks time away. It also opens opportunities for fraud and identity theft to be committed with more ease. The internet is not a place where a person should feel like he or she is safe and can just put any type of information out there. The internet can really be a dangerous place. 


The fact that the amount of internet users in the United States is growing is common sense. The world wide web has created bridges for people here to know what is going on over there. People over there can know what is going on over here. (There being anywhere…) While the internet has become a great technological advancement, it has also become a privacy and safety concern. Surf wisely. 


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