Comm/Journ Skill Sets

24 May


Upon graduating from college, Communication Journalism majors should be prepared to go out into the real world with a certain set of skills to help them obtain a position within his or her field. These skills are imperative to be successful.

  • Writing-Writing is a big part of any job in the Comm/Journ field. Being able to clearly and consisively write will be a plus for you.
  • Editing- Whether it is your own work or someone elses, knowing editing markings and AP style will be beneficial.
  • Background in software– The ability to use different types of software will make you more marketable. Knowledge of a variety of programs is key. Keeping up with technology is a good idea. Know what is being used on the internet.
  • Communication-Easily the most important skill. If you can’t communicate effectively, what are you doing with this field? Make a great first impression.
  • Public Speaking– It’s extremely important to be able to speak to groups of people with ease. Practice makes perfect.
  • Time management– Being able to use your time effectively is important. Multiple projects could be occuring at the same time and managing time will assure everything gets completed.
  • Organization– Being organized is a given positive point. Just do it.
  • Flexability– Be flexible. You never know what can happen if you’re willing to bend in ways you weren’t at first thinking about.

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