21 May

I have just listened to the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast from NPR. Basically it was a podcast about television shows and people’s opinions about them.

I was not very interested in the podcast. I don’t really like just listening to people talk. It’s hard for me to focus and keep paying attention. While the podcast had good moments, it was mostly just kind of boring and not really entertaining.

That being said, I think that podcasts could either be really spectacular or really lame. I can’t picture anything between the two extremes. 

It was obvious that a full script was not written out. I think it sounded like the anchors had a list of points or topics to cover and the rest was just made up as they went along, not that there is anything wrong with that. I just didn’t really enjoy what they were talking about. It wasn’t exciting or enough to keep holding my attention. Very monotone. 

I think that if the podcast were to have even just other simple sound effects, it might have more interesting points, well at least it would make it seem more interesting. 

In addition, I think podcasts would be more effective (for me) if they are either humorous or are of the “How-to” type.

Perhaps I should have looked for a better podcast, or perhaps I am just not interested in podcasts in general. 

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