Ship on Pinterest?

20 May

After reading this article, I have to admit that I spent a little more time looking at Pinterest than I normally do. I never thought about searching for schools and universities on the app on my phone.

I think Shippensburg should look into using Pinterest for a variety of beneficial reasons. Pinterest is gaining new users frequently and that’s an audience worth having. Now, I’m going to walk through what my mind is envisioning. Each academic department could have their own page, or use specific tags that would group photos from each separately. This will allow pinners to find exactly what they are searching for at Ship with ease. Each department could post photos and descriptions showing the work they are doing.

It would be simplest if every department had a person designated to work on the boards. Departments could have an intern work on them.

As for doing board(s) for the university as a whole, a person could be hired to tend to them or again an intern could take care of them and also just oversee the rest.

Having Shippensburg University on Pinterest has the potential to bring in more students. There are many people using Pinterest, so there is a great potential of more people becoming aware of what goes on at Ship. Keeping at the pace of technology and such, using different ways to seek audiences is important. It’s a good idea to be sure to touch every base, although it basically does the same thing as other social interest/media sites. It’s just in best interest to do all that can be done. Pinterest also has the potential to basically be free advertising, if interns were unpaid and doing internship for credit. This should be very appealing to Ship since we all know how Ship loves money! 😉

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