Movies, Music and.. Men?

17 May

I would like to start off by telling a short story.

A few nights ago, I went to see a movie with a friend. We watched “The Lucky One,” Image which was a great love story (although the book was so much better). After the movie, we went to dinner. Two males were sitting beside us. I call them males because they were too old to be boys but they surely were not men. Men don’t eat with their hates on and stand up with their pants half way off their… Anyway, while we were eating, the males got up to leave and one hit me in the head with the arm of his jacket. All he said to me was, “My bad.” The other one said, “Go ahead and hit him for it.”


I sat there at a loss for words and that is something that almost never happens to me. I don’t know if I was more mad because he didn’t apologize, annoyed at the situation or sad because this is what the male population is coming to. I had just watched a great movie showing how a man could be so wonderful, and then I guess I was taken back to reality with this encounter.

That being said, what has happened to the male population as a whole? Sure there are still good men out there, but it always seems as if the weeds take over the garden.

From personal observation, I’ve noticed that males typically want to do what other males are doing; they are influenced by other males. Music is, in my opinion, one of the biggest factors in the decline of chivalry or lack of male etiquette. Guys that are around my age will listen to music that degrades and shows lack of respect for women. I mean it’s fine if that’s what you want to listen to, but the more you listen to something, the more it becomes embedded in your mind. Thoughts like, “Hey, if my favorite rapper is saying it’s okay or it’s cool to treat chicks like they’re nothing, it’s probably okay or cool for me to do it, too.” Um, no. It’s not okay or cool for ANYONE regardless if you make $250 million a year selling records or make $25 a year begging for spare change.

In addition to the music showing a lack of respect for women, the music also provides listeners’ ears with plenty of violence. “Go ahead and hit him for it.” Real classy, right? All kinds of rap or hip hop songs now are using violence-filled lyrics. Lines ranging from “popping a cap in yo ass” or “Im’a shoot ya up” blast out of stereos, headphones, etc. What is going on?

It sure seems as if times have changed since the days of ladies having doors opened for them or receiving kind and thoughtful compliments given to them from a gentleman. I am sure that music is not the only influence on male’s behavior, but at least for my age group, I am positive that it is a large contributing factor. Maybe these men should be going to catch some of the “chick flicks” they normally pass up to brush up on the way most females can only dream of them to be. 

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